Fab Door Closers

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  1. Reduce Loud Noise – Most Businesses, Schools, Gyms, Hospitals and even homes get a lot of foot traffic. When doors are slamming shut over and over again it becomes a nuisance from patrons and family members coming in and out all day. You can solve this problem with hydraulic door closers. These small additions to the doors of your residence or business will help to eliminate the sound of loud doors banging shut every time someone comes or goes. With one touch, you can keep the door open while bringing in heavy loads – allowing you to maneuver through the opening with ease. With one additional touch, the door closes firmly, safely and securely.
  2. Lower energy costs – When you have hydraulic door closers, your doors remain closed when they are not in use. This helps keep warm air inside during the colder months and cooler air inside during the summer months. This will help keep your utility costs as low as possible.
  3. Doors remain closed – Your doors will remain closed when not in use. This allows greater peace of mind. This also prevents the need to waste time closing the door every time someone forgets to close it. When ready to have your Fab Door Closers installed in your home or office, just give us a call at:   (540) 368-9008. We know that you will greatly enjoy the benefits of having your doors automatically close.

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